Top SEO Tips For Best SEO Expert 2018

As each new year approaches, SEO marketers look to predict what new strategies or existing strategies will become more or less important. After all, being ahead of the curve is one of the best ways to truly achieve sustainable results in SEO. As the year 2018 quickly approaches, there are many different trains of thought as to what will remain effective and what new strategies might become effective. Below, we will be going over some of the top SEO Tips 2018.

Top SEO Tips For 2018:

1. User-Friendly Headings.

While keyword stuffing used to work, it is no longer effective, nor is it expected to be heading into the new year. As a result, it would be wise to avoid this at all costs. Rather, you will want to focus on natural headlines and user-friendly headings that contain keywords rather than simply stuffing keywords in it for SEO purposes. Google and other search engines have got to the point where they are now smarter the way they read pages and they can now pick up the optimization much better as a result. Thus, you want to focus on providing an accurate assessment of your content with your headings in order to truly benefit from the keywords in your title(s).

2. User Engagement.

When it comes to the creation of your content, the primary focus should be on user engagement. It is critical to focus on this element of your website and content because the more engagement you are able to get, the better your analytics will be. While it might seem like common sense, the more engagement you have with your content, the more time spent on page and your website you will get. Thus, you will be able to decrease bounce rates and really boost your stats overall. For this reason, investing in a high-quality copywriter is a very good decision to make. While your design might be important in its own way, the engagement is likely going to be a sticking point and it is primarily determined by your website’s copy.

3. Focus On Security for your 2018 SEO Agency 

Nowadays, security is essential for your website. HTTPS is now an absolute must for website owners. With Google announcing that they are going to provide benefits to the websites that are properly secure, there is more incentive than ever before to invest in HTTPS for your website. While implementing this security protocol, it is critical to ensure that your SEO team is properly involved in order to make the necessary changes and adjustments needed to properly redirect your website in order to effectively prevent any duplicate content penalties that might be imposed on your website if done incorrectly. You will want to be sure to invest in an SSL certificate for your website as well as implement an HTTPS version of it to appease Google, other search engines, and even your visitors.

4. Outbound Links.

While inbound links were all the rage a few years ago, nowadays, it is more important than ever to the only link to other high-quality sources. What your website links to and which websites you direct your visitors to is expected to matter more than ever before. Google utilizes this information to determine what kind of websites and businesses your specific website stands behind. Therefore, if you are focused on only linking to high quality and credible sources, you are going to be a website that Google will want to stand behind because they will view you as a reputable source for information. This will, in turn, heighten your credibility and maximize your domain authority.

5. Social Media.

Websites that have focused on building a social media following and engagement are going to experience much better results in the near and long-term future. The fact is, more users than ever before are utilizing social media at a high rate. Thus, Google and other search engines are making an effort to place this kind of engagement into the analytical factors for their ranking system. That way, they are able to rank the highest quality websites with the best social engagement. After all, the more the website, brand, and business engage with their prospective customers and fans, the more likely they are to be a reputable website. Therefore, you want to focus on increasing social engagement and create more social signals to really see the benefits of your rankings.

6. Speed and Mobile Optimization.

The speed of your website both on desktop and mobile will dictate how your website looks in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The fact is, both your visitors and Google do not want to wait when it comes to your websites speed and loading time. Your website’s speed has long been a critical factor in Google’s algorithm. With that being said, as consumers begin to truly embrace mobile and as buying processes have shifted to mobile, speed is only going to become increasingly important.

Thus, those websites that score unfavorably in the speed department for mobile devices are simply going to be left in the dust. By investing in various things that can effectively increase your speed, you should be able to maximize your rankings in the search engines and really see a great return from this kind of investment. Luckily, increasing your website’s speed is not difficult at all and it has been shown to be well worth the effort. The best way to do this would be to get your website developer to implement different things to increase the speed including better caching, compression, and by optimizing both your images and videos. That way, everything will be able to load much more efficiently.

Overall, there is a lot that needs to be done in order to get your website to rank well in the search engines both now and in the future. These are the major actionable SEO tips that you will want to invest in and incorporate into your ranking strategy for the new year. If you focus on implementing these tips, you should be able to boost your rankings organically within the search engines and in turn boost your returns on your investment tenfold.

SEO 2018 can be a significant strategy to invest in for your business both in the short and long-term view of things. Thus, it would be wise to consider hiring a professional to handle the tough task of keeping up with algorithm changes and updates so you can focus on other result producing activities involved in your business.